Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits


Sunnybank Hills Medical Center is one of the 17 chosen practices to participate in the tech-driven pilot project called ‘Healthy Habits’ and ‘My Health for Life’. This is a FREE initiative to improve the health of our patients, and includes a referral for 6 free health-coaching sessions and a lifestyle app linked to your GP.

Curious? Talk to your doctor and discover ways of changing your day-to-day behaviour that suit you and your life.

How it works

Healthy Habits helps patients to set achievable physical activity and nutrition goals and supports GPs and Primary Care Nurses to review and celebrate patient progress via a connected patient app.

Healthy Habits and My Health for Life are government-funded lifestyle programs to help people live and age well. We have been chosen as one of 17 practices to run this project, and are here to help you set and reach your personal health goals!

Check out the app!

Check out the Healthy Habits app, which can be coupled to our practice and used to set personalised health goals! And chat with your doctor if you are eligible for the My Health For Life program, a lifestyle program that offers 6 completely free sessions of health coaching to provide guidance, tools, and support to reach health goals. 

More information?

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