In addition to general medical consultations, Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre is proud to offer a wide array of extra healthcare services. These services include but are not limited to:

GP managed Care plans

Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre performs GP managed care plans.  These are a tool for our doctors to comprehensively coordinate the health care of their patients with a chronic or terminal medical condition.  If you suffer from a chronic medical condition you may be eligible for a GP management plan.  Some examples of these conditions include diabetes, arthritis and chronic pain.  Some care plan patients may then be eligible for subsidised treatments by certain allied health providers (physiotherapist, podiatrist, dietitian & exercise physiologists.) through a referral from their general practitioner.



Immunisations are a vital part in reducing a patient’s risk of developing certain diseases.  Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre offers a comprehensive and caring approach with delivering vaccinations and aims to thoroughly address any concerns patients or parents may have.  We are qualified to administer the Q-Fever vaccination and are able to coordinate each step of this process.  Our highly trained doctors and nurses will make it a safe, informative and positive experience.


Medication Reviews

A vital part of general practice is ensuring that if a patient needs medication that they are on the appropriate medication, and that the patient is fully informed as to what the medication is and how to take it.  Some patients may be eligible for bulk-billed home medication reviews.  This involves collaboration between your GP and an accredited pharmacist in optimising your medication needs.  This can help reduce medication-related problems and in doing so helps deliver the best health care to the patient.


Dressing and Wound Care

Wound care is a common encounter within the general practice setting.  If done effectively it can minimise healing time and make a real difference to patient outcomes.  Working with our highly trained nursing staff your doctor will provide a thorough service that delivers effective results.


Age specific Health Care Checks

Health assessments are a great way of optimising a patient’s overall health.  If you are aged 75 or older you are entitled to a bulk billed annual health assessment.  There are some other age groups who are also eligible.  If you are between 40 and 49 you may be eligible.  Ask one of our doctors today if you are eligible.


Lung Function Tests

Through a combination of medical assessment and use of our in-practice spirometry we can screen for and monitor certain lung conditions including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  These conditions are best managed early on.  If you have a smoking history, family history of asthma or are concerned about your lungs book in to see one of the experienced GPs at Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre.



If appropriate an ECG can be recorded on our patients.  This is an excellent tool in assessing for structural and electrical abnormalities of the heart.  It is a vital instrument in some emergency presentations.  Our doctors are trained in the use of these.


Insurance Medical Assessments

Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre offers comprehensive medical reports if needed for entering a new job, or for insurance purposes.  Call our friendly reception staff to organise a visit with one of our doctors.


Skin Checks

Regular skin checks are vital for patients living in Queensland.  Your risk may be even higher depending on your skin type and past medical history.  Simply call Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre today to schedule your skin check.


Minor Surgery

Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre offers a fully equipped treatment room, dedicated nursing staff and experienced Doctors to make any minor surgery a pleasant experience.  Common procedures include toenail wedge resections, implanon insertion and wound suturing to name a few.



At Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre our doctors are qualified to treat workcover injuries.  We guide you through the necessary process and deliver great results.


Women’s Health

Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre offers a caring approach to a range of conditions our female patients may encounter throughout their life.  We focus on health prevention strategies to optimise our patient’s health.  Common issues encountered include:
– Regular PAP screening and Breast Checks,
– Assistance with Family planning and pregnancy management
– Check ups, Education and support for new mothers
– Management of menopause.
– Shared Antenatal Care with Mater Mothers Private Hospital


Men’s Health

Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre is passionate about delivering an excellent Men’s health service.  Generally speaking it could be said that men are not as vigilant as women when it comes to their health concerns.  We are here to assist men in optimising their health outcomes.  This is done through lifestyle changes.  We can assist with contraception counselling, diet and lifestyle interventions as well as screening for future disease.  Common issues encountered include:

– Prostate screening
– Mental health
– Assistance with family planning
– Sexual health


Children’s Health

Our professional and caring general practitioners cover all aspects of paediatric care – from birth up to adolescence.    We see many kids and many different issues.  We provide a relaxed environment where your doctor can adequate time and attention to your child.  Common issues encountered include:

– Immunisation monitoring
– Monitoring of developmental and physical milestones
– Health checks and positive health development
– Asthma management


Mental Health 

Mental health is a common but often overlooked part of our overall health.  It is however so important.  Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre offers compassionate general practitioners who are trained in delivering the best mental health care.  If appropriate, some patients may also be eligible for referral to an accredited psychologist for subsidised treatment.  This is achieved through a GP mental health plan.


Travel Health

We offer travel health advice and recommendations specific to areas you may be travelling to.  We are licensed to administered the Yellow Fever vaccination.  Our consults compromise of taking a thorough history and itinerary, accessing our databases to assess your risk and then preparing any necessary medications or documentations you will need to pack.


Work related health


If you have been injured at work you may be entitled to healthcare under Workcover.  Our general practitioners are licenced to perform workcover assessments and provide any necessary documentation.



Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health

Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre is dedicated to closing the gap.  We offer an open and respectful environment to all of our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander patients.  We focus on treating the patient as a whole and in doing so aim to deliver the best outcome.



Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre has an on-site pharmacy.  Independently owned and operated it has been servicing the area for ten years.  The friendly pharmacists can offer you the convenience of filling your script immediately after seeing your GP.



Dr Cliff Genn & Jimmy Fang are also located on the premises.  You will find a well-established general family dentist providing all your oral health care needs relating to appearance and function.   Phone 07 3273 5466  for an appointment.

Opening hours:

– Monday & Tuesday 8.30am – 5.00pm
– Wednesday & Thursday 8.30am – 7.00pm



To book a consultation or for more information regarding the services available Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre please call one of our friendly receptionists on 07 3273 5022 .   Alternatively you may like to simply book an appointment online.